Digital Media Speciality

Across 6 years I've refined and honed my skills in digital media production and distribution. I began in this line of work from building my own social media channels, of which I've now accumulated over 100k followers across platforms and a combined 20 million engagements (likes, shares). 

My wheelhouse includes content strategising, creating and editing content with a quick turn around time, learning the best practices for posting content online, utilising tools to boost engagement, as well as constantly having an ear to the pulse of pop culture to inform relevant trends and content. I've seen great success in vitality and quality of content from my work. 

Alongside managing and building my own social media channels, I've worked with bands, labels, and magazines in the rock and heavy metal sphere, cultivating viral trends and growing an audience from relevant, trending content. 

"I want to keep metal alive": Meet the influencers bringing metal to a new generation

If you believe the naysayers, rock music is dead: dead in the charts, dead on streaming, even dead on social media. It’s a debate that refuses to go away; earlier this year, Adam Levine provoked outrage on Metal Twitter for suggesting that bands were a “dying breed”, while this year’s Grammys dragged up the same tired arguments about metal in the mainstream that we’ve been having for over a decade. Rock and metal were nowhere to be seen in Spotify’s most-streamed lists for 2020 – the number 1 st

'I was the kid no one would sit with — my podcast helps people feel less alone'

Welcome back to How I Made It,’s weekly career journey series. This week, we’re looking at the alternative music industry from the perspective of 23-year-old Yasmine Summan, a West Bromwich-based journalist, social media manager, podcaster, and TikTok creator. They’ve been involved in the alternate music scene for a number of years, starting their journey as a YouTuber dedicated to all things emo music, before pivoting to TikTok, social media management, and journalism. After grad

8 Reasons Why Being a Content Creator Isn't As Easy As You Think It Is

Being a content creator isn't as easy as you think it is. The mark of true talent is the ability to make something very difficult and challenging look so easy that it has the appearance that perhaps anyone can do it and do it well. But that is far from true — we've all seen those lazy reactions channels where YouTubers sit there with an empty gaze, offering no commentary until the song is over while urging you to subscribe for more of the same zero-substance content. So, what's the secret to s

‘American food aisle’ exposes how UK judges our eating habits

Brits think we eat hot dogs from jars of mystery juice. A culturally inquisitive woman from Birmingham, England, took to Twitter Thursday to quiz her American followers: “Is this accurate to American food?” asked Yasmine Summan alongside three photos of her local grocery store’s “American” aisle. Scores of Twitter experts are voicing their opinions in the comments — and taking Summan’s tweet viral, with more than 10,400 likes and 1,300-plus retweets as of Friday afternoon. There was amusement

I got loads of piercings before knowing I had keloids - now my ear’s SO swollen

GROWING up, we all made some questionable choices we regret big time - no matter how many times our parents would try to talk us out of it, we always thought our undeveloped brain knew better. Luckily, most of these poor decisions we can now look back at and laugh - the hideous hair dye's rinsed out and the unflattering fringe no longer covers our forehead. Sadly, not everyone's so lucky - and Yasmine Summan is amongst them. Cartilage piercings have become super popular over the years, with p

Student writes 'I do it for the girls and the gays' in her diss acknowledgements

Did you know you can, in theory, write anything in the acknowledgements of your dissertation – even, say a joke about a TikTok format – and you won’t lose a single mark? Coventry journalism student Yasmine Summan tested that theory by asking her supervisor if she could write at the end of her dissertation about queer people in media: “I do it for the girls and the gays, that’s it,” a line from a song anyone on TikTok will recognise, and the supervisor responded to say he was down with the idea.

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