On Wednesdays We Wear Black

I'm incredibly proud of the achievements of my podcast, On Wednesdays We Wear Black. We are an award winning podcast sweeping the alternative scene in the U.K. and beyond — breaking barriers in the alternative podcasting space as one of the few poc, queer, female led podcasts to be doing so well.

Our accolades include topping the Apple and Spotify podcast charts on numerous occasions, being named the Heavy Music Awards 2022 Best Podcast Winners, supported by our peers Nova Twins, Jason Aalon Butler (Fever 333), Sam Carter (Architects), Craig Reynolds (The Downbeat) hailed amongst The Times 50 best podcasts, and celebrated by Metro, Music Week, The Guardian. 

For general and press inquiries please email wewearblackpod@gmail.com. For any bookings, please email hudson@5bam.com

"The next day I started putting signs up in guitar places." Corey Taylor reveals the band that inspired him to pursue a career in music - and how it came during his darkest moment

Corey Taylor may be a living metal legend, but were it not for a chance encounter during one of his darkest moments as a teenager, he may have never pursued a career in music at all. In fact, had it not been for an inadvertent intervention from some 90s alt metal heroes, he may well not be with us today. In a candid new interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Taylor is asked which band made him think he could be in music himself. The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman is typically straightforward a

The 50 best podcasts to listen to right now

Podcast of Ideas A boisterous alternative to In Our Time in which the best ideas come from the audience, not the experts. Episodes cover everything from assisted suicide and a fourth industrial revolution to racism in policing and trans inclusion in sports. The motto of this podcast is “free speech allowed” – you’ve been warned. For fans of In our Time and Planet Normal Chopper’s Politics The Telegraph’s Associate Editor (Politics) Christopher Hope reports from the true core of Westminster: t

On Wednesdays We Wear Black: "Rock Fans Just Want You to Be Part of the Community"

After accepting the award for Best Podcast at the Heavy Music Awards, Sophie and Yasmine chatted with Alicia Atout on the difficult journey to rise to the top through negativity, while also championing the majority of fans who do uplift the scene through positivity explaining "Rock Fans Just Want You to Be Part of the Community" regardless of looks, gender, & other dividers proving that the community coming together through positivity is the real rock scene. Watch the full Heavy Music Awards '22 Broadcast - https://knot1.co/HeavyHighlight22 featuring performances from Beartooth, Holding Absence, Meet Me at the Altar & Static Dress. The Heavy Music Awards is presented by Amazon Music UK Subscribe to KNOTFEST YouTube for exclusive performances & in-depth interviews with the most exciting artists in aggressive music, deep dives into iconic artist's discography and more. Website: http://www.knotfest.com​​​​​​​​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KNOTFEST​​​​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KNOTFEST​​​​​​​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knotfest​​

On Wednesdays We Wear Black: the boundary-breaking podcast you need in your life

The Heavy Network has announced their first new podcast, On Wednesdays We Wear Black. The podcast aims to create a diverse space for unrepresented voices within the alternative worlds, promising to "diversify the space and provide an entertaining platform not only to tackle unspoken issues, but for the candid and hilarious discussions that these communities are often excluded from". Episodes will give a voice to women and non-binary people as they explore the world of sex, racism, music and alt

‘This is the most exciting moment I’ve experienced’: the artists changing the face of metal

Metal likes to think of itself as a family, a safe haven built on inclusivity. Everyone is welcome in the pit. Yet, historically, metal has also been a hostile space for women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community. Look below the line on articles published on any big metal website and you’ll find comments riddled with homophobia and transphobia. In 2019, an article published by Metal Hammer, titled “Metal’s most interesting voices are all female – and it’s about time”, attracted thousands o

'I was the kid no one would sit with — my podcast helps people feel less alone'

Welcome back to How I Made It, Metro.co.uk’s weekly career journey series. This week, we’re looking at the alternative music industry from the perspective of 23-year-old Yasmine Summan, a West Bromwich-based journalist, social media manager, podcaster, and TikTok creator. They’ve been involved in the alternate music scene for a number of years, starting their journey as a YouTuber dedicated to all things emo music, before pivoting to TikTok, social media management, and journalism. After grad

Five on it: music is about the thrill of (inclusive) community

Five on it image: cover art for new podcast, On Wednesdays We Wear Black Ciao! Au revoir! Auf wiedersehn! Sayonara – and goodbye to the Trump era. This week’s inauguration of the new United States president Joe Biden and Madam VP Kamala Harris has been a salve on the blight of the past four years and a reprieve to the world’s current Covid-19 hardship. However, the tears, dancing and tangible joy were replaced by an empty National Mall at the US Capitol – a human void in the face of celebration

Five on it: Nova Twins transcend heights on new album Supernova, empowering themselves and others

There is something about alternative music that – in my opinion – isn’t quite the same with any other genre. It is the energy that maintains its potency even when transmitted through headphones instead of speakers, or the primal ferocity of a live setting. Perhaps it is the sense of community that comes from alternative spaces, the safe knowledge that, at high school, you were all part of the universal ‘Loser’s Club’ bonded together by eyeliner and unpopularity, despite whatever guise your adult

Keeping It Real with On Wednesdays We Wear Black At the 2022 Heavy Music Awards

Arguably one of the most emphatic wins at this year’s Heavy Music Awards arrived with the announcement of On Wednesdays We Wear Black earning top of the heap in the Best Podcast category. As an ever ascending voice within alternative culture, Sophie and Yasmine have not only cultivated a wholly dedicated following with their brand of candor, but have become a vital voice of authenticity within our community. The duo’s banter spans the spectrum of sex, music and subculture in a way that approach

Black artists don't just make hip hop – why recognition of metal, punk, rock and emo by Mobo is long overdue

Alternative music has been having a moment – from successful vinyl represses by bands from days gone by, to the announcement of the festival Sick New World which features a line up of alternative music icons. Cue the introduction in 2022 of an “alternative music” category to the Mobo Awards, an annual British music award ceremony which celebrates achievements related to black music. The heart of this genre includes the artistry and talent of many black musicians, the DIY spirit of black punks,

Why We Should ALL Be Wearing Black On Wednesdays - An Interview with podcaster Yasmine Summan - Mag

Yasmine Summan is a multimedia Journalist, Social Media Manager and Podcaster with an undying love for Metal and emo culture. They use their platform to uplift and have been outspoken about the lack of representation within the music industry. I got to interview them about the industry and their new podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black. MR: What inspired you to become a writer? YS: Being a writer always came naturally, I was really bad at Math so I thought writing couldn’t be a bad shot,