Pop Punk's Inevitable Comeback - How Did it Even Survive?

You might have heard everyone raving and rejoicing that pop punk is “finally” back. A new generation of teenagers are reviving the genre’s beloved years through viral trends on TikTok while artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and All Time Low storm the mainstream front with it. While critics will dispute that it never really died, no one’s asking how the hell it even survived? Gatekeepers, allegations and breakups — pop punk has barely made it out alive. Here’s how it did. Pop Punk Never Died, S

Fever 333: "When people say 'I don't see colour', that's ignorance"

Last October, Fever 333 released ‘Wrong Generation’, a knockout EP that coupled hard truths with a genre-defying blend of hip-hop, rock and metal. It spoke to the seedy underbelly of racial inequalities in the present day, demanding a call to action for revolution and unity against bigotry. It was written in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, where Fever 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler spent 13 days marching on the streets for the Black Lives Matter movement. On the 14th day, he returned ho

Am I Too Brown To Be Emo? How Alternative Beauty Favours Whiteness

Though progress is slow, awareness and activism inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in recent years has marked a turning point, particularly for alternative culture. Social media is a great place to start challenging what we perceive as the alternative norm. Marley is a YouTuber and the CEO of Glam Goth Beauty , and a pioneer for many young Black women and non-binary alternative beauty lovers. On Instagram, her beauty brand has a reach of 50.5k followers and champions alternative people

Elitists Gatekeeping Bring Me The Horizon Can Actually Teach Us a Lesson

If you had Bring Me The Horizon’s 8-year-old track re-entering the charts because kids on TikTok were setting their mirrors ablaze on your 2021 bingo, congrats! “Can You Feel My Heart,” taken from the Sheffield band’s 2013 fourth studio album Sempiternal, has spontaneously climbed back onto the charts thanks to the help of TikTok youngsters and a lot of hairspray. But, of course, you can’t have fun on the internet without gatekeepers swooping in to swiftly drop-kick your enjoyment. Days after t

Taylor Momsen: "‘Death By Rock And Roll’ is a battle cry for life"

The creation of The Pretty Reckless’ fourth album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ was blighted with tragedy. In 2017, the band scored the gig of a lifetime supporting Soundgarden on tour, but their lives were understandably rocked after the tragic loss of the grunge legends’ vocalist, their touring partner and friend Chris Cornell. Leaving tour to regroup and process what had happened, frontwoman Taylor Momsen headed home and slowly started to work on songs. There were plans to work on them with close

The anti-Black sentiments behind emo rap and trap metal hate | Gigwise

Alternative music's complex history with uplifting Black art is creating a space where only the few can thrive ‘Emo Rap’ and ‘Trap Metal’ have become rock and heavy music's buzzwords...and it’s never been easier to rile up online trolls by saying your favourite rock artist is Juice Wrld. Gaining legitimacy and respect from music critics has been an uphill battle: some would rather relegate these intricate genre-blends to nothing short of “mumble rapping” or “screaming over a trap beat”, comple

Trap metal renegade Ghostemane serves up nihilism and pain on new album Anti-Icon

Ghostemane has been at the forefront of trap metal since his Oogabooga debut in 2015. Fusing genres like some kooky scientist and with a grotesque visual aesthetic, the Florida-born artist defies the idea that trap metal is just “screaming over a trap beat.” His eighth studio album details the greatest emotional turbulences of Ghostemane’s life – losing his father at 17 and finding escapism in hardcore punk music – blending techno, industrial, rap, metal and more. Anti-Icon pays a lot of respect

Nihilistic nu metal with electro-punk attitude? Wargasm have got it covered

Take some catchy nu metal riffs, throw in a bit of riot grrrl flare and wash it down with a healthy dosage of post-apocalyptic angst and you’ve got the cataclysmic but charismatic Wargasm. Joint forces of scene veteran and guitarist Sam Matlock and international model and bassist Milkie Way, the unstoppable pair dub themselves as “angry music for sad people” and are packed with nihilistic grooves that resonate with today’s unpredictable times. “I don’t know how people function in music without

Spiritbox: the post-metalcore trio set to own 2021

Whether they’re immersed in true crime podcasts or creating horror in their music videos, genre-splicing Canadians Spiritbox – named, quite literally, after a device that supposedly helps you contact ghosts – immerse themselves in all things unusual. “It’s weird but I’ve always been interested in dark stuff,” says vocalist Courtney LaPlante. “I think it’s an anxiety thing; it’s a way for me to explore things that make me anxious, but in a ‘safe’ way.” Following their 2017 self-titled debut that

Tallah: the nu-core rabble-rousers on a mission to make metal disturbing again

Nu metal’s heyday seems like a fragmented memory. After its decline through the mid-2000s in the wake of third-wave emo and the metalcore boom, the genre’s growth became stagnant, save a few massive names who clawed their way out of the pit in time. Two decades down the line and ‘nu core’ is breathing new life into the genre – just with less of the baggy pants and liberal use of hair gel. That’s where we find Pennsylvania’s Tallah, who are taking nu core by the helm in an effort to “make metal d

Jinjer’s Tatiana Shmayluk: “We don’t have any guarantees about our future”

Between riding the success of third album Macro and landing some of their biggest festival spots to date, including a set on Download’s main stage, life was pretty hectic for Jinjer pre-pandemic. Now they’ve got your attention (and with no tours to jump on this year), we got vocalist Tatiana Shmaylyuk to face all of your devilish questions. What was the metal scene like in Ukraine growing up, and now? Becca England (email) “I’m not sure… The metal scene is ‘eh’ in Ukraine. There’s a couple of


Here’s everything we know so far about 2020’s ferociously fun Pinkshift. Baltimore’s latest crème de la crème of the DIY scene is four-piece, fem-fronted, Pinkshift. Boosting to viral acclaim with their smashing hit single, “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You”, you’ve probably seen their faces and memes all over Twitter – but who are Pinkshift, what is their agenda, and will they secure world domination by 2022? Here’s your crash course into becoming a Pinkshift stan 101, you’re welcome. • Wai


Following from his last gloomy single, NY-based Jhariah brings us the distorting, vivacious, spaced out “Needed A Change of Pace” that’s nothing short of a trip down a rabbit hole of absurdity. Jhariah is the jack of all trades, and this release is as surprisingly different as the last. “Needed A Change of Pace” is what happens when PC music meets Billie Eilish pop, put into a monster energy can and shaken around. “Sonically, there’s a bit of inspiration from everywhere. I always love drawing

LIVE(STREAM) REVIEW: Ice Nine Kills @ The Silver Stream, The Worcester Palladium

With the music industry in a limbo of uncertainty, adapting to this unpredictable climate is the key to survival. Bands like CODE ORANGE or FEVER 333 that have their wits about them have been quick to grapple onto this next chapter, turning the physical into digital and expanding the reach of niche genres onto a global, worldwide platform. One band that has pushed all efforts to deliver a show-stopping performance, using innovative, out-of-the-box methods to work around social distancing limitat

Asking Alexandria: Battling The Backlash of Change

In these unprecedented times change is inevitable and growth is a necessity. JFK once said addressing a crowd in Frankfurt, 1963 that “change is the law of life.” That saying has a strong hold over the music industry, change is crucial for your success to flourish else you drop into the pitfall of predictability. Without change, music would blur into the same painfully droning sound. One band that knows all too well of the importance of change, and that ignorance isn’t always bliss is ASKING ALE