About Me

My passion for journalism comes from a good intuition, being too nosey for my own good, and striving for truth above all.

I'm driven, hard-working, always looking for new approaches to things, very strict and ordered, and love what I do – even the ugly or tedious parts.

Music has always been a solace and one true love, it just made sense to route into the music industry. Also, growing up as the first wave of Gen-Z the internet is just second nature to me.

Coming from a less favourable background facing racial, gender, and class discrimination first-hand has given me an unnerving drive to achieve whatever is possible. Seeing and facing inequalities at such a young age may be why I'm incredibly passionate about writing & reporting on human rights or social issues.

I've found my BJTC training a huge asset to my career in building me up to the industry standard, and above. No matter what climate, broadcast, radio, virtual, print, I'm ready.

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